twin flame journey is ultimately about unconditional love

twin flame journey is ultimately about unconditional love

twin flame journey is ultimately about unconditional love


For 3 years I’ve been on this twin flame journey which has led to me end my karmic marriage.

My DM is unhappily married but just starting to have a dark night of the soul awakening after I pulled my energy back and stopped chasing him.

He reached out to me for support as he knows I’m ahead in my spiritual journey.

I thought he was suffering bec of my absence but apparently not.

He asked me to listen without getting emotional.

He admitted that his first love contacted him out of the blue a few weeks ago and it sent him on an emotional tailspin.

Long story short they were deeply in love 25 years ago but bec he didn’t ask her to marry him she abruptly broke up with him and left the country.

It was the most traumatic thing to happen to him and he built a wall around his heart to never be hurt like that again.

They both ended up marrying other ppl but now she is getting a divorce and admitted she still loved him.

He said he felt the love that he had buried so long ago come up but then she abruptly ended the conversation and he felt rejected all over again and is mad.

As he told me the story I tried to be conscious of my breathe and mindful to have an open heart and remember this journey is ultimately about unconditional love.

Normally I would be jealous and crying but maybe I’m not because I’m in shock or because I’ve matured.

I am definitely hurt because I wish it were me that he had such intense feelings for.

Logically I know we both have abandonment wounds to heal and that we are never separate in the 5D but how can he be pining of her and not see me as his twin flame when I know in my heart that he is mine?

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