The frequency of light: September is a month of fresh starts
بارانورمال فرندة

The frequency of light: September is a month of fresh starts

The frequency of light: September is a month of fresh starts
the new high light frequency of light
A message about the new high light frequency of light we have now entered – into the light frequency and light dimension that we manifest and create The Seventh Earth in
You have now entered a much lighter frequency. Still, integration of Your energies and body systems are taking place into the new dimension of frequency. You are the jewels that are so divinely multifaceted sharpened to be able to spread the exact frequency of light in which You are here to radiate.
And just as the new light integrates into You, You yourself integrate into the new light dimension, and land in Your own special place in the great matrix.
You are now ready to dare to see the positive, to hold a high frequency even though many others may hold a lower frequency. You are so liberated from old paradigms and beliefs that You are now fully ready to free create in the higher light and higher frequency. And in it, it’s like the old oros mantras don’t bite you.
During the summer, your guides and the Universe have worked incredibly powerfully with you. You have been freed from old heavier lower frequencies, paradigms and fears. And thanks to this, you have now entered the new higher light frequency. After the Lion Portal, it has so slowly integrated into you, and you are now both more powerful and brighter than before the summer.
At the same time, there has been a fearlessness in you that you have never had access to before. This fearlessness originates from the light increase You have undergone thanks to all the light codes You have developed in your systems this summer 2022.
The frequency of light in your hearts has been raised, and you will never again descend into the deep doubts you sometimes had of yourselves as multidimensional light souls, or doubt your possibilities to step by step manifest a higher light into it the physical world. You will never again doubt the enormous light You experience, see and feel.
With the help of the guides, you have been given as an extra foundation under you – much stronger than before. This means that when you go down in frequency – as you sometimes do due to different fears – you no longer go down as deep. The bottom is higher up and the base is much more stable. You are held in a completely new way in the higher light frequency.
This makes You lighter and lighter by living in a lighter light, with a lighter heart light in You, and this in turn helps You manifest into a whole new world. For the light that you now live in – the frequency of light and the dimension of light – creates a new world. A new soil. The Seventh Earth.
You are the light creators who, by living in and creating in the new light frequency and light dimension, create the Seventh Earth.
The Seventh Kingdom is the mirror image of the Seventh Earth. And with the help of the new moon’s shine, the final integration of the new light dimension in you is happening. So as you enter the month of September, the new high light is integrated in you, and everything new that you are now creating, you create it on the basis of a completely new light frequency.
In the new light, you create in a new dimension. And in that dimension, the Seventh Earth is manifested. In the Seventh Earth, you live in the high light in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. And when You create in the high light that means that everything that You see in the light is possible. So you see something with your vision that you want to create and manifest – just do it.
In the new light light, the abundance is also greater, and when You create out of it, your creations emerge so much easier and faster than you can ever believe. And in the new light frequency, the Universe and the guides also have so much easier to reach You and surprise You with divine abundance.
The new light also includes that you take care of yourselves in a completely new way. Naturally, without “I do not have time” – the mantra. Instead, it is obvious and natural to take care of yourselves first and then do something else.
In the divine light of the Seventh Earth, you also live in a completely different harmony with both yourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Fears of failure do not exist, but instead there is the powerful certainty that You yourselves – and everyone who wants and desires – are now entering the Seventh Earth’s creative dimension. And here lives the light. Here lives a glass clear light and fantastic future. Here everything is in earthly balance.
So let prophecies of darkness belong to what You put behind you now. September is a month of fresh starts, so what better than to create everything from the light of the new moon and forward in Your new high light frequency with Your new high heart light.
Then the Seventh Earth grows faster and faster. And all fears dissolve as You see how everything You create in the new light emerges and manifests in the most divine ways.
So you enter the new Samarkand…
The Seventh Earth Star Sisters through Oracle Sara
the new high light frequency of light
the new high light frequency of light
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