Only Love is true

Only Love is true

Only Love is true
There is someone special for each of us
All come from different generations….
They travel the oceans of time and the heavenly depths to be with us once again
Coming from the other side, from heaven….
They may look different, but our hearts recognize them
Our hearts sheltered them in footsteps like ours in the deserts of Egypt, in the moonlight and on the ancient plains of Mongolia…
We marched together in the armies of warrior generals that history has forgotten, and lived with them in the sand-covered caves of the Old People…
Between them and us there’s an eternal bond that never leaves us alone….
Our mind can interfere …..
I dont no you …. But the heart knows
That someone takes us by the hand for the first time, and the memory of that touch transcends time and sets off a current that runs through all the atoms of our being….
Man looks into our eyes and we see a spirit who has been with us for centuries..
Weird feeling in our stomachs. Our skin is suffering. Everything that exists outside the present moment becomes irrelevant..
Maybe he doesn’t recognize us, although we finally met again, even though we know him..
We can feel a connection. We see the potential, the future. But a person can’t see it. Concerns, rationalizations, problems cover his eyes with a curtain. He won’t let us tear that curtain apart. We cry and suffer but she is no more Fate has its own whims.
When both recognize each other, even a volcano cannot explode with the same force. The energy released is amazing!
Soul recognition is instant…
A sudden sense of familiarity, of knowing that person on deeper levels than the conscious mind could ever attain.
At levels usually reserved for the immediate family members. Or even deeper in it.
We intuitively know what to say and how to react. A sense of security and confidence is far greater than what can be achieved in a day, week or month.
Soul recognition can also be subtle and slow. The awakening of consciousness as the curtain is gradually lifted. Not everyone is ready to see right away. It takes time, and the first to recognize it may take patience.
A look, a dream, a memory, a feeling can make us awake to the presence of our partner…
The touch of your hands or the kiss of your lips can wake us up and suddenly bring us back to life!
The touch that awakens us can come from a son, father, mother, brother or a loyal friend.
Or a loved one who crosses the ages to kiss us one more time and remind us that we’re together forever, until the end of time
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