my twin flame chose to go back to an Ex !!

my twin flame chose to go back to an Ex !!

my twin flame chose to go back to an Ex !!
8yrs ago I met and dated my TF for 6 weeks.
But said he just is not ready for something this intense.
And he chose to go back to an Ex.
But we remained friends.
And eventually I got married. And then he blocked all communications with me, for 4yrs.
Then just 2 days after my divorce, he contacted me.
Shortly after We rekindled our friendship he said he cares for me very deeply but again not ready and asked me to be patient. Shortly afterwards he chose to go back to his karmic (different Ex). We remained friends and he often asked advice on his narcissistic karmic relationship.
Then they broke up. And he was devastated. He missed a lot of work trying to figure out why he didn’t listen to his intuition about her. And I was there every time he needed to vent about it, even though it hurt me.
During this time, I started dating a wonderful man who is very good to me. I enjoy his company, but I just don’t feel that deep connection, chemistry. Even after dating him for 3 months now.
Then 3 days ago my TF invited me to join him walking at our park. Then he told me he loves me. But yet again not ready. And once again asked me to be patient. Then he went silent for 3 days.
I could feel that he was with his karmic again.
And now my TF just called and told me that he did meet with his karmic to tell her that it was over for good. And he told me that he honestly means it, when he said he loves me. But he is not ready for the intensity of US as a couple, and yet again asked me to be patient. And he is aware that I am dating someone. He told me the man I’m dating is not the one for me and asked me to please not get serious with him, while I’m waiting for TF.
I personally don’t think I’m going to wait for my TF. I have been focused on my own self love, and growth. And that is what I’m going to continue to do. I choose to no longer chase nor wait. I choose to focus on me and BE LOVE.

The frequency of light: September is a month of fresh starts

my twin flame chose to go back to an Ex !!
my twin flame chose to go back to an Ex !!
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