Why can’t a twin flame chaser marry before a reunion
Twin Flame

Why can’t a twin flame chaser marry before a reunion

 you can… but then when you meet your twintflame..  many things change.

I could not be intimate with my husband without throwing up violently after I met my twin flame.

I felt like I was cheating when I would make nice with my husband, granted things were not stellar, it was a problem.

I could not get him out of my head.

I tried to distract myself with everything, but there he was, and the freaking signs… I could not.

I couldnt shake the idea of this man.

I wasn’t looking for shit.

I was perfectly content to go through the motions till I offed myself or surrendered to the husk of my soul that I had become.

After my twin….this was not an option.

I could not do it any longer..and my soul being what it is knows how to get me to behave and get into alignment so I could do the soul stuff I had avoided having “ learned my role” as a wife.

Nope. Can’t.

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Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection
Why can’t a twin flame chaser marry before a reunion

So you can, but the universe will kick your butt till you get right.

And it doesn’t seem fair, because we lose our comfort zone for our spiritual freedom.

A lot of times people cling to karmics because they know what to expect.

A twin makes you face you and it’s not easy or pretty a lot of the time, facing your truth.

But you need a mirror to go from unkempt to presentable, and that is what your twin is. And if you learn to love yourself, you can love them.

You only can unlock your secret twin powers to the point where you and they are willing to heal.

When you are healed the magic starts.


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twin flame chaser marry
twin flame chaser marry
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