What is the definition of twin flame telepathy
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What is the definition of twin flame telepathy

What is the definition of twin flame telepathy ?
If you are new to the twin flame journey, you think that you are going crazy while experiencing twin flame telepathy.
Do you ever wonder why you feel like your twin flame’s energy is always with you everywhere you go? Their essence is always merging with yours.
When you initially meet, you feel an energetic download or transfer.
After that, the energetic merging continues throughout the separation phase.
You never feel separated at all.
Here are some things that you will experience when  twin flame telepathic communication is initiated:
Mental conversations
You are not crazy hearing your  twin flame pick up a conversation in your mind. It is very overwhelming when it happens because if feels as if you share the same brain.
They can read your mind. And also say things to you as if you are in the same room.
If you have met a twin flame, you how how sometimes a  twin flame thinks something and then you automatically say it out loud. Sometimes you beat each other to saying words.
I used to experience this with my twin flame.
Sometimes it felt as if we were having conversations with each other from across the room without saying a word.
Soul whispers
I experience this a lot especially during the separation phase.
I sometimes hear his “I love you” whispers and other times it’s me sending it to him.
I feel oneness with him — Soul intimacy.
We have a sacred bond that only us can understand.
The invisible touches
Ever felt as if your twin flame is astral projecting?
As if they are hugging you.
Or you feel as if he or she is running their fingers down your body?
It’s a strange occurrence indeed.
Of course there are so many more signs of  twin flame telepathy.
I hope that my perspective helps you.
Stay blessed!

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What is the definition of twin flame telepathy
What is the definition of twin flame telepathy
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