What are twin flame signs
Twin Flame

What are twin flame signs


currently in a twin flame connection ( it’s been almost 5 years so I think I can answer that question) and sorry for my writing i’m still learning english.


The first thing you have to keep in mind is that a twin flame connection does not equal a romantic relationship, is a soul bond who’s ultimated purpose is the evolution/growth of the self(you).

Now that you got that in mind here are some signs that someone is your twin flame:

1- Since the moment that you have met them you’ve become a brighter person

2- Dark night of the soul, you go through a period of obsessive thinking.

This is where you have a battle between your ego( the mind) and you soul( inside knowing).

3- Time passed and you still have contact with that person.

That could be in different ways for example: each three months you ( the divine feminine) will send him a message or it could be that you crossed path with them.

The contact with your twin is minimum and each moment is very significant. I’ll to even call it divine. It’ll cause a similar effect as a rise of kundalini in your life.

4- Once you understand that you’re born free physically, mentally and spiritually, you’ll stop obsessing over your divine masculine and you’ll be blessed with clarity ( you will start seeing every little that surrounds you and every living creature ( tree, animals, people) as part of you)

5- Here’s an important one!

The consciousness of the connection is mutual.

The divine masculine runs because he feels it.

However, he’ll definitely show signs of interest.

As I said before your twin flame is your greatest teacher so make use of him.

Don’t be scare and open your eyes and you’ll see that everything happens for a reason.

It’s fundamental to mention that if you become worse after meeting that person


Hope this help!

However each situation is different so if you want to have a better answer the best being that could give you that is your own soul.

Good luck on this journey of life and wish you the best dear friend!


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What are twin flame signs ?
What are twin flame signs ?
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