What are some elements of a twin flame connection
Twin Flame

What are some elements of a twin flame connection

What are some elements of a twin flame connection ?

Eye contact — this is what triggers you to awaken.

Once I looked into my twin flame’s eyes, the rest was history.
We both felt something move within us.
We could not look away from each other.
From that moment,
we acknowledged that something special was going on between is.
The connection is mutual — you never doubt that your twin flames feels you as much as you feel him or her. You both acknowledge the connection.
You also run away from a twin flames because deep down you know that he or she understands you.
You know that how you feel for each other is sacred and eternal.
You never doubt that a twin flames loves you because you feel it.
Telepathic communication is real — Every true twin flame will tell you that even though you don’t understand what is going on,
somehow you know what your twin flames is thinking.
You can channel their emotions sometimes.
Sometimes you have mental conversations in your head as if you are talking to each other in person.
Once triggered, telepathy feels like it is embedded in the fabric of your own existence.
It just naturally happens without your control.
Uncanny familiarity — when you meet a twin flames,
the first feeling is uncanny familiarity.
It feels as if you have known this person lifetimes before even though it is your first meeting.
Your conversations feel like you are picking up from where you left off.
You feel like you have past life memories within you of that person.
You are more than lovers or best friends.
Soul intimacy — you feel like you live inside each other.
Your essence is continuously merging with your twin flames.
Everywhere you go,
you feel him or her with you all the time.
Even when you are sleeping,
twin flames energy is always with you.
This is partly the reason why thinking of a twin flames is non-stop.
Many more elements I’m sure can be described by different twin flames.
I hope that my perspective helps you.
Stay blessed

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What are some elements of a twin flame connection ?
What are some elements of a twin flame connection ?
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