Twin Souls and Twin Flames | the Difference
Twin Flame

Twin Souls and Twin Flames | the Difference

Twin Souls and Twin Flames
Difference between Soul Mate & Twin Flame
Soulmates, from a spiritual point of view, are just a ”Soul Sister” or a ”Multidimensional Self” of yours that is part of the same Monadic grouping to which you belong.
Soulmates are Genuine Sisters. They are souls that have the same moment of birth, as is the case with biological twins. They do not depend on each other at any time, but are connected to the same Monad of origin.
Generally, souls belonging to the same Monad do not incarnate in places very close to each other, since the Monad wants to experience the most diverse experiences throughout the Universe.
So, for example, if you are incarnated on Earth today, it is very likely that your soulmate/sister is incarnated in another galaxy, on another planet or in another solar system, living other experiences very different from your current one.
This offers the Monad the opportunity to experience Creation from many different points of view.
Currently, soulmates encounters on the surface are rare as, when they are together, the energy that is generated from this encounter triggers an electromagnetic field so intense that it causes a great reverberation in the holographic structure (veil) of this planet.
Twin Souls and Twin Flames
Twin Souls and Twin Flames

When we talk about ”Twin Flame” this is the Divine Complement of our Being.
Twin flames are called “Divine Complements” or “Spiritual Counterparts”.
When our Higher Self/Over-Soul unfolds into 12 fractals each fractal/soul splits into 2 parts of itself thus forming two polarities, the Masculine (positive) and the Feminine (negative).
These two forces called ”Sacred Masculine” and ”Sacred Feminine” are the primordial elements of Creation. Everything in the universe is double.
Everything has two poles.
These ”poles” are the Father/Mother aspects of the Creator inherent in all creatures.
In this way, we can then say that the Twin Flames are the SAME soul divided into two parts, where each part vibrates in a different polarity. They are the same Energy, the same Being, the same Essence, but divided in two.
Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own Energy Field that is and has always been with you.
The Twin Flames are complementary parts of each other, as represented in the Chinese symbol of Ying and Yang.
However, even though they are complementary, the Twin Flames do not depend on each other at any time. Each part has its own individuality, tonality, character and vibration.
If the encounter of Soulmates is already rare to happen on the planet, the one of Twin Flames is even more unlikely.
When a Twin Flame encounter occurs on the surface it creates an Energy Vortex so powerful that not only is it capable of shaking the holographic structure (veil) of this planet, but the energy conceived from this encounter is capable of illuminating an entire city.
Twin Souls and Twin Flames Difference between Soul Mate & Twin Flame
Twin Souls and Twin Flames Difference between Soul Mate & Twin Flame
Both Soulmates and Twin Flames encounter only occur when both souls have already transcended the physical environment in duality through experiencing many experiences.
In other words, this means that you only find your soul mate or twin flame when you have already healed everything that needed to be healed within you, including all the shadows, fears and dense energies accumulated over several incarnations.
As long as there are still fears, lacks, attachment, control, jealousy, possession, victimism, anger, judgments, criticism, etc., it shows that the person is not yet ready to experience this type of experience.
When, very rarely, there is a Soul Mates/Twin Flames meeting where one of the parties still has karmic issues or dense energies to be worked within, they do not stay together. There is always a problem and the two soon separate again.
That’s why, first of all, you need to be healed both energetically and emotionally in order to find your soul mate/twin flame or for it to find you. Only after you are completely healed and harmonized within you can your soul mate/twin flame appear. So if I may give you some advice?
Don’t be anxious or asking to find your Soul Mate soon, because just because you are looking for it already shows that you are not ready to find it yet.
Detach yourself from this search and dedicate yourself solely to your inner transformation,
transmuting all negativity and all dense energies accumulated in your chakras and naturally, at the right time, your soul mate / twin flame will come to you.
When this meeting happens it will occur naturally and not forced.
You will know and feel it for sure when you find it.
You will feel as if you have known each other for a long time.
There will be no doubts in you. A feeling of ‘familiarity’ will arise between the two.
A great example of Twin Flames meeting on the physical plane of Earth was Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.
Both are the Divine Complement of each other and today they work together to anchor Christ Consciousness to the surface of the Planet.

Twin Souls and Twin Flames

Twin Souls and Twin Flames


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