Twin Flames, Sex & Divine Soul Union
Twin Flames, Sex
Twin Flame

Twin Flames, Sex & Divine Soul Union

Twin Flames, Sex & Divine Soul Union.

Sex is a huge part of the awakening process. Understanding how all works is important. Distortions,

opening the heart, the purpose in stimulating these centers and how nothing is as the human perceives.

We be talking about Twin Flames, Sex and Divine Soul Union.

Every particle of the body is stimulated to wake up so that distortions can clear cellular memory and purity can return within.

Co-mingling DNA creates additional distortions to have to clear.

Enjoying sex is a part of coming to love yourself fully again, then letting go of the “need” for sex, for the relationship will evolve

organically to be a connection so much deeper than anything physical can create.

The connection of two energy fields from energetic and magnetic that emanate from the Divine Heart,

the unification of these fields, the amplification of inner desire has nothing to do with human lack/need.

The driving force in higher consciousness relationships is much deeper and intimate stimulation is through energy, feelings, shared sacred touch and the unification of the soul.

This is what many Awaken Souls seek, Thier Twin Flame or The Divine Soul Union.

Yet the ability to achieve this Union, love within one’s self first must occur, so that anything that evolves externally does so from purity and sanctity of Divine Essence of Love.

Sacred Sex is a way to open the heart/mind/body and stimulate those distortions, freedom and feelings of connectedness that one seeks.

Sex is a conduit and very important part of the process. Sex evolves, as does everything, as consciousness evolves too.

The purity of merging fields of consciousness is much deeper and profound than human sexual desires, yet to open up fully, one must learn to love themselves fully, and this means clearing out any distortions around sex.

Those who are meant to come together with their Divine Twin Soul Partners activated and awoken again will move further into that now present moment of Twin Reunion.

You must first learn to love yourself before you can truly love someone else, forgiveness and healing is key to bring balance within yourself.

Understanding how sex is a part of the process, takes the focus off of sex and the need for it to fill a human lack/feeling/need and makes it a very important part of the process to opening one up to feel fully again. Most do not understand that when they seek a sexual exchange that they are seeking a feeling…

The feeling of merging fields of consciousness can stimulate the same feeling, yet it is much more powerful than anything the human need can create.

The power of merging fields is beyond anything the mind can comprehend. The twin soul connection opens up levels of consciousness never experienced.

Twin Soul and Divine (Re)Union Partnerships are more than what human mindsets can grasp.

Where there is any lack, then the human will seek these, instead of allowing them to occur naturally and organically honoring the union when it is meant to occur.

Twins are here to assist each other with higher consciousness together in order to fulfill purposes and roles. These are not to fill holes or voids within each other. These are to come together through purity of the heart and to work together from higher consciousness.

The energy of a twin soul can emerge within any physical body structure, and it can come through many along the way.

It can trigger anything unresolved within the partner, obsessions, lack of love, physical/emotional unhealed inner pain. It can ignite the Eternal Flame of Fire or Sacred Flame that begins the journey of awakening that one is not aware of yet. This can occur over an entire lifetime, to ignite occasionally all along the way to bring one further into higher consciousness again.

Many do not understand that twins are here to open their heart, yet do not have to be present for cellular cleansing to continue to occur.

The “next time” one needs to be activated, they will “appear” in physical form, to activate the next phase of one’s awakening, and if staying would “interfere” in the “faster” process of that soul emerging from within, they will go again…

To Return when purity within the self has been achieved…

Twin Souls and Divine Essence Partners have purposes together that transcend the mentalities of the limited human fixed perceptions mind and the 3D human experience…Those who are meant to come together with their Divine Twin Soul Partners activated and awoken again will move further into that now present moment of Twin Reunion.

Divine Twin Soul Partnerships do not fulfill each other, they merge to enhance and amplify what has already been achieved within.

They unite as two whole Light beings here to anchor, hold and share more light and love.

The Love of twins is not limited and cares nothing of physical form. It does not see human imperfections…

It sees the perfection of all. It loves without lack or need…It is pure and increases with each merging of fields. We have transcended the old limited partnerships.

WE move further into Higher Consciousness Relationships where souls reunite as Divine Pure Love again…Keep expanding loves, keep opening your heart, keep cleansing cellular memory and embracing the magnificence that you are. Stay open and honor your process as divinity again. Re-connect from inside and outside and notice your own distortions that you need to release/clear…Love is your gateway and your portal to The Divine…

We love you.

صفحتنا الرسمية توأم الشعلة بالعربي

صفحتنا الرسمية فرندة – Farandh

Twin Flames, Sex

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