twin flame the reason why one of the two runs away
Twin Flame

twin flame the reason why one of the two runs away

That’s exactly why one runs. We don’t understand this deep feeling we have for our twin, nor they us.

My twin often described it as an “overdose of love”. He often was extremely uncomfortable with the feelings our connection brought out in him. Our natural, (whether it’s subconsciously or not) is to run away from things that don’t feel “right”. This connection to us is unknown territory. It’s extremely foreign for both of us.

I remember on many occasions sabotaging the connection (not realizing I did this until later) so I would/could push him away. This connection opens up your heart and leaves you completely open. Our hearts are on the table and this, makes us want to protect this at all costs so we run, we destroy it, we hurt our twins, we hurt ourselves anything but actually feel this deep love.

Last night I was feeling my love for my twin and I was crying, not because I was sad, but because of the amount of love I have for him. It’s like it can’t be contained at times. I told him once, “I don’t know what to do with all this love I have for you”. It’s as if it is bursting out of my heart. (visualize, if you will, the care bear heart beam).

We both feel the intensity but it’s the DM who has a “different way “ of feeling love or emotion often related to his lower chakras. It’s when they finally accept their heart centered love that things shift.

It definitely is too intense but really for both parties, not just one, the DF’s in my opinion handle the overdose differently but it is an overdose of both. I vividly remember one night with my twin while talking and I needed a “time out”. I was tapping out because I was feeling overwhelmed. (he, of course cheered that I was tapping out). That same night he came flying across the garage to me on the sofa to kiss me just out of the blue, because HE could not contain his feelings.

It goes both ways but it indeed is too much at times. Wed both need to find love within ourselves to be in true soul alignment.

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