ًWhen Twin Flame Meet !!
Twin Flame

ًWhen Twin Flame Meet !!

ًWhen Twin Flame Meet !!

When twin flame meet it is simply by divine destiny..

Twin flames do not simply meet by chance, rather this sacred union happens because there is a mission to fulfill together, the increased emotions, 
feelings and awareness of the soulmate tend to be intensified for a reason, and this reason is #pure_love,
twin flame energy is the most intense that can’t be understood.

upon awakening, do recognize who they are and why they are here !!

#When twins meet,
your mission is not small, but rather very big,
if you had the privilege of uniting with your twin flame and both of you are on your journey of completing this mission together, 
as twin flames you will both have an impact on this world and even in the cosmos.

It was never easy for twin flames to be here on #Earth, the fact of being born in this world with amnesia (veil of forgetfulness), 
makes twin flames have to figure out why they would feel such an emotional,
physical and #spiritual_connection.

strong, even with an immense #spiritual_awakening they forget who they are in many moments, 
there the twin flames who do know who they are,
but many still do not fulfill their mission,
since they do not recognize that they have one,
but luckily, there are some twin flames who,
upon awakening, do recognize who they are and why they are here !!

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