Twin flame ascension !
Twin Flame

Twin flame ascension !

Twin flame ascension !
This energy!
The energy of feeling drained!
Remember.. your reality is your own mirror! When we externalize.. we loose the perception of our inner workings! So internalize before you externalize! The key is within! So, let’s dive in!
Why do we end up feeling so drained with the interactions we have in the physical?
Could it be because we are juggling the balancing act of the physical and the non physical?
Could it be the frequent time line shifts of reaching your highest timeline?
Whichever it may be… why you feel drained could also be all of the above and (not forgetting) the letting go of the minute and hidden expectations of your own mind!
I know, this sucks! But the reason you feel this is not receiving a preferred option but because we have laws of relativity, that run rent free in our own mind!
The perception of what others should feel, react, respond, behave, reciprocate, towards you! This perception was born with the hidden energy of your own expectations that ruled out on the fact that, certain situations should bear a certain outcome!
Twin flame ascension !
Twin flame ascension !
But what is this “certain” outcome? Union with your twin? (If you have a physical incarnated soul on the 3D) A preferred response pattern? A concept of how you desire to be treated?
My dears, heart feels tired! Due to loss of an expected outcome! Self reflect and see which outcomes/concepts… you have burdened yourself with!
Burdened with the weight of the expected outcomes!
Burdened with the weight of the desires!
Burdened with the conceptual projections/illusions of your own mind or what others imposed on to you!
See the thing is…surrender is the last resort! If you want to live a free life! Let all burdens go! Let the universe take over! Because at the end of the day… this all is pre planned and agreed upon at soul level! So the only reason you feel subjected to your circumstances is due to the entrapment of your own egocentric mind!
You will be entrapped only as long as you are bound by your own karmic cycles! Remember that!
Don’t ruin your chill!! It’s tempting to fall in to the toxic patterns of thinking and perceiving! As that’s what you know for real! That’s all you know!
That’s where you’re comfy and snug even if the bed bugs constantly keep biting you! You still resort to the comfort zone as that’s where the ego felt safe!
More importantly ask your self…where does your intuition guide you towards? Take time to self reflect! Find your balance and fine tune it!
Let the universe flow through your being! Become a human “being”! Just being! It’s hard to just be, but that’s the only way to be!
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