Do you think the soul has a role when it comes to the fates of the Twin Flame
Twin Flame

Do you think the soul has a role when it comes to the fates of the Twin Flame

The soul mission of Twin flame Relationships  
Do you think the soul has a role when it comes to the fates of the Twin Flame?!

Written by: Heba Morgan

Imagine if you’re spiritually exhausted, and you haven’t come to terms with your past yet.
Do you think you could meet your twin flame?
of course not;
Because the twin flames don’t meet only if their souls are ready for this meeting;
And if you’re still stuck in the past,
beware that your meeting with him will never come unless you’re reconciled with your soul;
Once you reconcile with your soul, you’ll find your twin flame in front of you and he’ll turn your life upside down, and your life will change 360 degrees

Many ask why we have to go through this pain if it is supposed to be such a beautiful relationship.
Twin flame connections are meant to reunite on a permanent basis.
But takes time, sometimes years or even decades before they are clear with their paths together.
Twin flames go through lifetime after lifetime searching for each other.
Many times they will meet in a lifetime and sometimes they may not.
Skipping over to the next lifetime.
Once you meet your Twin flame you know that that person is someone that is compelling your spirit down to the core.
The soul mission of Twin flame Relationships  
The soul mission of Twin flame Relationships
The twin flame relationship can feel each other’s energy, even through telepathy.
Not understanding why they are able to send and receive energy in messages.
Twin flame Relationships have a soul mission but before the soul mission can be completed,
they need to heal themselves first.
There can be a soul contract attached.
They will need to search their soul center and understand there is more work that needs to be done on themselves.
There will be a delay with their union.
Many times it can be as simple as working with their ego and learning to love themselves in the purest form.
Twin flame relationship is not meant to be a painful process or relationship.
They are to help each other learn about themselves and bring out their true soul purpose with themselves.
There are different reasons why there are delays, pain and difficulties with reuniting and merging together as one.
You may ask what are the runner and chaser phases?
When twin flames meet for the very first time.
There can be that beautiful honeymoon phase.
And as things get deeper and more intense with their relationship, One twin may not be ready to take that step.Causing the runner and Chaser phase.
Where the runner is not exactly running away from there are other half but actually running from their own insecurities and fear.
There is the stronger and weaker vessel with the twin flame connection.
The stronger vessel will always be there to try and help the runner get past their fears.
Where the weaker vessel is running because they are totally in the dark and confused.

Why does the Runner and Chaser have so much pain?

When the simple fact is that they both are “NOT READY“ to come into a divine union just yet. But work on certain factors in their lives equally so that they can unite when they are open and ready to accept this extreme soul bond.
Many times it can take many years causing heartache and pain for the chaser.
But at the same time the runner is running from something that they’re lost and in total confusion.
Eventually they have to come to terms in their lives to find themselves and figure it out.
Many life lessons are given to both halves in different ways and forms that they have to complete in order to move forward.
The timing may not be predicted because of the work that they need to do and get it right this time.
Many times Soulmate’s can mimic a Twin flame connection.
And this can be the most rewarding and difficult experience as well.
So you may think which is better?
Should I look for my twin flame or Soulmate?
It’s never a good idea to look for any specific type of soulmate connection.
Soulmates are not better choices or vice versa, it’s what destiny has in store for us.
Many times we are sent to Soulmate in our lives in order to complete our soul mission.
When the Twin flame is not destined to enter in this lifetime or later in life.
How do I ease the pain of being the chaser?
The first thing you don’t want to do is continue to analyze and figure out what you did wrong in this relationship.Many times you will beat yourself up without realizing.
Especially when you need to be the stronger vessel that sends off positive light to your twin that is running.
Also never go backwards and think about everything that was said and what caused the separation.
This can create anxiety and depression.
I highly recommend when you feel this way that you close your eyes and meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
This will help you capture your soul center and connect you to the higher self.
You may also receive messages telepathically from your Twin if you are open enough to hear it spiritually.
Always write things down when you do receive a message,
they may be flashes in your mind. Or you may just have this deep feeling about something that is happening with your twin.
The main thing is that you listen and play close attention to it.Remember your Angels and spirit guides are helping you in every way so that you both can heal your Twin flame Soulmate relationship come together.
It’s a time to love yourself and learn to express unconditional love to our twin spiritually.
Sometimes this can be your life lesson as well.
That you are not ready because you need to first embrace and love yourself first.
The soul mission of Twin flame Relationships  
The soul mission of Twin flame Relationships
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