My Twin Flame Don’t worry , I wouldn’t chase you anymore !!

My Twin Flame Don’t worry , I wouldn’t chase you anymore !!

My Twin Flame Don’t worry , I wouldn’t chase you anymore !!
It would be me running away from me! How pathetic would that be?
Once I finally see,
it’s whatever projections and illusions that created these concepts and ideas and ideology that we identify as our ego, which further prolongs our internal unification in spirit!

Why would I run away from my self?

You can run!
Run where your projections go! I will water my garden! As it’s always greener where the grass is taken care of!
So who’s grass are we referring to?
The co-dependant dynamics spoon fed to us over decades of programming now haunts us on a daily basis, every waking day, as the more we awaken!
My Divine Feminines, the peace lies within! Within your heart! Can you love so unconditionally, where nothing physical matters… to have it not to have! It doesn’t matter! You’re at peace! At balance! You can shine light in literally everyone you come across and still not know it!
Every interaction is a transmutation! Of the energy that she is encountered with!
Transmutes it to love! The unconditional kind! For some this may sound unrealistic!
Sometimes they witness this but the ego blinds them!
It’s not her problem!
She understands the masculine is her inner being in another body! She understands that externalizations is not a priority!
What matters is alignment!
Alignment with source! Alignment with your self! Alignment with your true calling! Balance!
Release! Ascend!
You see the projections!
You see how these projections are projected on to you!
My Twin Flame Don't worry , I wouldn't chase you anymore !!
My Twin Flame Don’t worry , I wouldn’t chase you anymore !!
You see how, in previous occurrences (like I said cyclical) due to the emotional attachments and trigger wounds…we jump and try to explain, plead, justify… etc etc. but now it’s like… wtf?
Wtf for?
This is my soul teaching me that we both need to learn the lesson of being “not dependant”on each other “emotionally” or “energetically”!! The Divine Feminines have a tendency to get in their head a bit too much (my self included, of course although I believe, I’ve come out of it)
This is about learning to live your life! While being so open with your heart, not just with your self but with others who come across your path! By literally spreading the frequency of love! Divine Feminines, open your hearts, track the monkey mind! Release the entrapment my loves!
This is not a 3D trip! It’s a multi-dimensional experience. It’s not for everyone! I know that! But I know that my lovely Feminines will gather around this opinion!
This is not about how to feed your own addictions on affection or as expression or repression! This is not about going through the same cycles of doubt and sabotage!
It’s not needed! This 3D needs to slide out of frame! Now slide in on your path! What are your talents! What are your spiritual gifts? What are you naturally good at? Go within! Nurture your soul! Sing! Dance, Listen to nature! Breathe! Feel the heart song! Feel it!
Realize this is not about physical , at least this stage! Where you need to surrender fully!!!!
The love of the beloved is the feeling within you always! You doubt it many times! Doubt it so much but continue to converse in 5d??
Did you see the sabotage???
It’s all good! Relax and release! But you absolutely need to check the mindfulness meditation! Without which you can’t catch the monkey mind!
It’s always the mind! Become the master not the slave! This is the end all!
Dhanushika Senanayake


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My Twin Flame Don't worry , I wouldn't chase you anymore !!

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