my twin flame distance himself !!
Twin Flame

my twin flame distance himself !!

my twin flame distance himself !!

my twin flame distance himself !!

No not a trigger actually.

It can have following reasons:

  1. When twin flames connect, (and have some communication or energetic exchange) they are taking something inside and/or they are unlocking further milestones in their journey.
  2. (Such unlocking takes place energetically with some energetic downloads) The whole purpose of that intense connection or communication is precisely that!
  3. Once this purpose is served, they will separate and go their own ways to work on themselves. This separation is required to process the newly unlocked downloads for further journey.
  4. Such a pattern will repeat several times unless you are coming into your balance.

Such a sequence of things will happen with either intense conversations or physical touch – when one or two will naturally feel like distancing themselves after the intense energy exchange between them.


I’m not exactly sure what it means. But I’ve had this happen before myself. I haven’t really tried to figure it out. But just chalked it up to being one of those mysteries of the connection.

I’m sure eventually I learn and understand what it means though.

In my particular case, I was sleeping in the dream, yet aware of his presence and was watching him from where I was taking a nap.

He came over, said my name to wake me up which caused me to physically wake up.

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I love both the answers by Tapasi and Sophie!! They are on point!!

I want to also add:

Why are you comparing your soulmate with your twin flame? There is no need to do that!

It is like – comparing your ears with your eyes. And asking which is better?

Eye or ear?

Well there is no comparison because both have a different purpose and functions.

Your ear can not replace your eye, and your eye can not replace your ear!


Don’t get into such comparisons.

Do not look down upon soulmates or anyone else by lebeling them like that putting a golden crown on your twin flame.

We need to respect ALL the people, souls and relationships we are coming across in our life.

They are in your life for a reason. Give them the respect they deserve, appreciate the uniqueness in them instead of comparing them with your twin flame.

Coming to your question : Considering all the above, there is no point in comparing yourself with your twin flame’s spouse.

You are their soul partner, they are their life partner – both are carrying their roles.

The more you get into this comparison, you deviate from your true path.


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my twin flame distance himself !!
my twin flame distance himself !!


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