What was most passionate moment between twin flame
Twin Flame

What was most passionate moment between twin flame

The most passionate moment between my and my twin flame happened when both of us finally acknowledged that we are the twin flames to one another.

As majorly a runner in this journey, my twin was way more spiritual aware than I was at the time we met. I was in that unconscious stage for a very long time that literally I had no clue what he meant and said.

I have stored the memory with him in the little corner of my head, and I have not taken this box out and re-examined the content.

I always saw this box in my head and walked by it day after day, for 10 years.

When the divine timing finally came, my twin, re-emerged in my life and finally, I knew he is the gift of god.

God has kept his promise and made a person that perfectly fit into my life long desire.

1- Someone who I can walk on the trails hand in hand.

2- Someone who I can put my head to his shoulder when we both relax on the coach on Friday night

3- Someone who I can walk on the beach with watching sunset

4- Someone who I can to sleep and wake up next to for the rest of my life

5- Someone who I can travel with to explore the world treasures and being told the historic stories


The prefect love my Father in heaven has given me is not just spiritual, but it is also tangible in the sense that someone has come in flesh to fulfill it.

We may be in different cities or time zones, but I know in this same hour, he is existing and breathing and feeling my presence around him.

I no longer need to walk the path alone on my own, feeling lonely in the crowd, or achieve anything that means nothing to me to prove my intellect to irrelevant others.

Because, for all twin flames, the most passionate moment is that we both wake up in this lifetime and aware that we have found our prefect match.

Doesn’t matter how short the time of reunion is, or it will happen in 3D or not, since this moment of recognition would extend to eternity and our souls are finally holding still, stop chasing one another, life after life.

I think passion means a lot of different things to different people. To me to deeply care for someone is passionate. When you love someone from your soul, that’s passionate.

When you love someone more than you love yourself, that’s passionate.

I can remember the night in August, when I believe our souls merged. We were talking in the garage while the kids played on the street. We sat with a candle burning as the evening darkness came upon us.

He looked at me, and joked around about the previous time we had been together and as we locked eyes I told him to stop making excuses for himself, he was perfect to me the way he was. He further joked and I stopped him again.

I then said, “Stop, stop it, I see you”. He chuckled once and then looked at me deeply. I said “I see you” and knew my soul was speaking to his. The world around us literally faded away as it happens in the movies and all I saw was his face staring back as we both began to cry. It was the most intense moment I can remember staring into his soul. A moment passed and our eyes stayed locked

“I love you”…..I said…. and he said “Yah, me too….and then laughed as it broke the stare. He said “that didn’t come out right, I meant to mean it like “ditto” … and we both smiled.

I know passionate may seem like it’s related to some other level of intimacy but this was intimate to me. We were both completely open and both saying how much we loved each other. Our souls were exposed and on the table.

Later, when we were in my room, we continued this deep connection and as I laid on him, I whispered “I would die for you”…. he sighed and said “why did you say that”? To be honest, I wasn’t sure but it’s how deep my love is that I felt in that moment, like that of my children.

“What passion means to you?

1 : a strong feeling or emotion He spoke with passion. 2 : an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire Art is my passion. 3 : strong liking or desire : love She has a passion for music.

I have a passion for the deep soul connection I feel for my twin. I have that strong feeling or emotion for our connection, then and always.

This is one of my most passionate moments with my twin that I recall.

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What was your most passionate moment between you and your twin flame?
What was your most passionate moment between you and your twin flame

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