kind of love that comes from the source
Twin Flame

kind of love that comes from the source

There is a kind of love that comes from the source, is solid and soft, and embraces all hearts, that is selflessness. There is a stream of sound, coming from the source, harmonious and quiet, containing all sounds, that is silence. There is one creation that comes from the Source, that is all-sufficient, that encompasses all abundance, and that is Infinity. There is an energy that comes from the source, symbiosis and sharing, and connects all existences, that is oneness.

The moment you leave the state of oneness and become an individual, you enter the world of duality, and all of a sudden, there is darkness and light, big and small, sick and healthy, and so on. Reality is split in two, and you lose your frame of reference of who you really are. At first you saw yourself as part of the whole, and now you are a separate part torn from the whole. But without you realizing it, there is an individual who is your equal, almost your exact sameness, with you, the two of you once occupying “the same place” in that blanket of oneness, very close to each other So much so that you didn’t know you were two until you were born.

What connects you is something beyond duality, older than duality. This cannot be properly described in words because it challenges your usual definition of identity – normally you would think that you are either one or two and cannot be both at the same time. Now both of you have embarked on a long journey through many experiences, experiencing the extremes of duality, and gradually discovering that your essence is not in the duality, but something outside of it, something beneath it inside.

Once you become deeply aware of this potential oneness, your return journey begins. Slowly, you become less and less attached to those external things, such as power, fame, money, or prestige; you learn more and more that it is not what you experience, but how you experience it. You create your own happiness or unhappiness through your state of consciousness, and you are discovering the power of your own consciousness. Once you have experienced all the highs and lows of duality, you will meet your twin flame . When your twin flame is present and you are in its energy, you will recognize a very deep part of yourself – your essence that is beyond duality – and thus, you will begin to understand yourself, your consciousness to your true colors.

Once you become deeply aware of this potential oneness, your return journey begins. Slowly, you become less and less attached to those external things, such as power, fame, money, or prestige

Twin soul or Twin flames are ONE cell from Creator Source, one soul, that in the origin was divided into two polarities, to experience the incarnations and know itself, embody and discover unconditional love in a long journey through the third dimension to finally return to Source as ONE, Ascended.⁠
Throughout many lives they were incarnated, sometimes one of them, sometimes both, but particularly in the previous incarnation to Ascension both incarnate, in two opposite polarities, as it was in its origin.⁠Both will have a strong spiritual awakening in this incarnation, and the meeting occurs, in one way or another.⁠

Their souls are preparing for their next reunion and merging, which is a process that is not easy, because all outstanding wounds they need to heal, by each one of them, will come to the surface.⁠
⁠They may be aware of the connection (both) or just one of them will.⁠
⁠Prior to that, they probably had experiences with kindred souls that will more or less prepare them with the energies of the next encounter with the true twin flame.⁠

They are souls in service, and their meeting will have the purpose to serve to help to the rising of the planetary vibrations for the ascension of the Earth in general. The union is very important because it is part of the divine plan, for their energies are strong individually, but when they become a unit, their energy is healing at its greatest and higher potential and is expansive.⁠

But prior to this, they must have completed the healing process, for both parties, because a meeting at the moment they are not prepared, could even be detrimental to both.⁠
At the 5th dimension level (since we are all multidimensional) both are already ONE, and are part of the Guide received, by both parts, when they really listen to their hearts💕☯️

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