Feminine Healing 
Feminine Healing 
Twin Flame

Feminine Healing 

Feminine Healing 

2 of the most powerful things a woman can do for her feminine healing, are


Taking time to re-connect to herself & her body.
Deconstructing her hard shell & insecurities.
Connecting to her natural feminine essence – the energy in which she is most powerful when embodied.


Surrendering to the masculine.
Handing over her armour.
Allowing herself to be supported.
Allowing herself to be provided for.
Allowing herself to be taken.
Allowing herself to be ravished.
Allowing herself to be penetrated. 
Allowing herself to let go of control.

To fully surrender to his presence.
To soften to his lead.
To let him in without resistance.
To breathe him in without hesitation.

When the feminine surrenders to the masculine healing occurs deep within her.

She heals.
She opens.
She expands in consciousness.

In this fast paced world where wounds have not been resolved, and where many women have become ‘lady bosses’ – many women have also become guarded & closed off.

Fear, unhealed wounds & “I’ll do it myself” way of life have prevented women from surrendering to the masculine.


Many women have become self-sufficient, no longer ‘needing’ men.

Polarity has been thrown.

And men have felt purposeless.

When returning home,
to the power of nature –

The Feminine needs the masculine.
Just like the masculine needs the feminine.

One energy cannot thrive without the other –

Including the feminine & masculine energies we individually hold within.

How to ‘Surrender to the Masculine’ when polarity has been thrown, energetic blocks have been formed & it can all sound like “easier said than done”?

Start with ONE.

Take time connect to yourself, your body & your divine feminine essence.

Surrendering to the masculine starts with you.

TWO cannot happen without ONE

ENERGY AND SEX = Sacred Energy Exchange

صفحتنا الرسمية توأم الشعلة بالعربي

صفحتنا الرسمية فرندة – Farandh

Feminine Healing 

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