Are twin flames having things in common
Twin Flame

Are twin flames having things in common

Are twin flames having things in common
Are there things in common between twin flames?
This is what you’ll know after reading this article

I will not share the common physical or emotional traits like others will mention on their answers.

But I will share the not so obvious, the ones which others most likely will fail to mention.

First up, your undeniable connection with your Higher Self and the Universe.

Establishing that link and trust with God or the Source, if not already present prior.

The way everything is being revealed to you is just mind blowing and amazing.

As you get more intimately close You are being opened to your “gifts” and you become inclined to go deeper in to your very spirituality.

The synchronicities, the telepathy, the understanding and the compassion for one another that will be translated to others as well.

You feel yourself expand – your mind, your heart and more connected to your soul listening more to your intuition.

Second, the whirlwind sensation, the wild rollercoaster ride – the feeling you have finally met your match. Not in terms of just the commonality, but the differences as well.

And inspite and despite all of it, you still work.

You not only see but feel everything with them, even if you are physically separated.

You push each other to become the best versions of yourselves.

To me that’s more than beautiful, life becomes full of wonder and amazement each day.

Third, can’t go on without taking into account the dark side of it – the dredging of your past unresolved issues, and on going healing you have to do all through out.

In order to bring the light out, it actually requires this process of facing your shadows.

The pain of separation most likely both of you will experience as well.

The longing for one another – thinking of them irregardless if you are aware of it or not.

Ow and the dreams you experience, and divine messages you get around you that you cannot deny that is most likely, related to them.

When you are together everything is magnified – the fear as well as the courage, the love and care because they are your own, the knowing of your responsibilities, the accountability gets highlighted too.

At times you just want to forget everything else because of the euphoric bliss. Like heaven(5D) on Earth.

But then you come back to reality and realize you are still living in the 3D and you have responsibilities to take care of over here.

This is when it gets frustrating. It will pull and push you to the brink, and you’ll always end up, feeling you are already at your wits end.

The conflict of interest, the agony of not being together – will rip you to shreds – until you eventually let go and surrender.

You see, there will come a point when you’ll both realize that – it’s not all about the connection – you have to think about the people who will get affected, the lives you are going to ruin, the loss you will keep on experiencing if you don’t let go.

It’s the whole magnitude of the rest your life that feels like is all at stake for gaining the love you have always dreamed and wanted.

You keep asking yourself – Is it worth all these sacrifice for?

Lastly, there is always a choice to be done.

To choose yourself and your well being, to choose them – support them in their endeavors.

Or to choose God instead and let the Universe show and align you on the path you are supposed to take.

You always have to think of which will be for the greater good of all.

Unselfish, undying love.


This freewill to choose God’s will I feel is my saving grace, and following my intuition has been my guide, my friend all through out.

If you trust, let go and let God lead you on your way, losing all that control and expectations – I am tellng you – IT IS worth it. You will be taught unwavering patience and spiritual meekness thru the process.

And really live out what unconditional love really is.

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