Age Difference Between twin flame
Twin Flame

Age Difference Between twin flame

Age Difference Between twin flame

I am being called by my guides to address something that has been weighing on me a little bit…

A few days ago, I posted about something that I found out about my twin because I panicked and needed support in the moment.

I had no one else I could turn to in that moment.

I don’t know where to start.

I guess I will start by saying we are ALL here on this journey for a reason.

We all incarnated here with our twins choosing certain scenarios and circumstances.

I started this experience/journey a 2 yrs ago with my Catalyst twin/False twin whatever you want to call it. And Guys

…. Yes, my twin is 20 yrs younger than I am.

When I found out I cried.

I said, “Why did we choose this!!!” I mentioned in my post how old we both were.

I am 39, and yes, he is 19.

Yes, I know it is a shock. It is socially unacceptable and weird. I have been told by a friend that if he were her son, she would kick my ass. My kid’s father told my 12yr old daughter that I am a rapist who likes 19yr old boys (yeah their dad is my karmic obviously lol).

THAT, doesn’t surprise me at ALL. But what hurts, and really sucks, is that when I came here for support, I was told by a member that it’s “just weird, and not right…” Ok, I get it.

I’ve cried over this hurt so many times that I can feel it getting close to being healed.

But please, PLEASE, try to put yourself in our shoes.

It was VERY weird for me at first too.

He is just starting to feel this as his Catalyst twin has just found out about us as well.

His whole world has been knocked upside down.

Think of it like this.

Other than the “sex” part what else is weird or gross about it?

What does it feel like when you are with your twin?… Is it fun?

Do you feel comfortable around each other, like they are your best friend?

Like you can tell them Absolutely ANYTHING and they can relate?

For example, we absolutely HATE cats lol! I’m sorry to all you cat lover’s out there, but man oh man we have a serious distain for those creatures lol.

We love picking each other’s brains about nuclear power, and relating to how our families are so racist and it’s horrible! We are not like these weird sex-crazed socially unacceptable people! We LOVE each other.

We ARE each other.

Quite honestly guys, he looks about 27-30, and I look about 32.

The sound of it is shocking, but when we are together,

I don’t think people around us honestly think it’s weird. He actually gets quite annoyed with me because I act like I’m 20, and I think he’s way uptight lol.

This journey is not conventional guys…

If it were what would we be here for?

How would we catch other’s attention to show people that love isn’t a one-size-fits all in a perfectly shaped box.

I love my twin… We chose to be this way not only to raise the vibration, but to heal ourselves.

ALL of us twins our going to go through adversities.

That’s just the way this thing is designed.

But, I think this should be a safe place.

This is a place to go for us to talk about our twin flame experiences, where we won’t sound bat-shyt crazy to the rest of FB world, or be judged.

I hope this brought forth whatever point it was supposed to.

I just wanted to share my experience, and hoped that the message for empathy and compassion for all twin situations can take place in the future, that’s all. Thanks.



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Age Difference Between twin flame
Age Difference Between twin flame
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